Utilities and Services in Unnao

The residents of the bustling town of Unnao are a busy class and a dynamic network of public services is required to serve their needs. These may range from water, electricity, cable or fiber data access to banking, fire and municipal services besides services for senior citizens and creches for children. The large number of markets and malls cater to the needs of shoppers while the young generation is also served in their pursuit of gadgets and education centres and along with advanced healthcare facilities, all these amenities have transformed Unnao into a self-reliant city.

District Collectorate Office, Unnao

Electricity Services in Unnao

The company Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. whose registered office is located at Gokhle Marg in Lucknow is responsible for supply of electricity inside the area of supply including districts like Bareilly, Hardoi, Unnao, Gonda and Sultanpur besides other districts of Uttar Pradesh.

The UPPCL, Unnao features 2 types of sub-stations, the manually controlled 400KV sub-station and SCADA controlled 765KV station to which the Anpara station supplies generated power. The large factories and tanning industries like Superhouse Group and Mirza Tanners besides Mahavir Spinfab and Real Enterprises lie in Unnao and require heavy electricity supply.

The latest communication system comprising Fibre Optic has been initiated in UPPTCL from 2001 whereby optical fibre cable as OPGW, has been set up over transmission towers by substituting earth wire. Optical Line Terminal Equipment devised by Japanese company Fujitsu has been installed in 8 sub-stations including Unnao. This has facilitated the transmission of high-speed data carrying huge loads of information at cheap cost.

Water Services in Unnao

Community Participation endeavors for water supply projects began first of all in 1986 with Dutch assistance. U.P. Jal Nigam undertook execution of hardware while community concerned works like those involving hand pumps were managed by PSU, developed by Netherlands Embassy to aid U. P. Jal Nigam. Subsequently with the termination of PSU contract in 1997, Community Participation wing was established by the state Jal Nigam in various districts including Kanpur and Unnao.

Unnao water supply scheme within Moti Nagar Zone – 6 was sanctioned at a cost of Rs. 385.09 Lacs during 2006-07 as part of UIDSSMT Programme. It has resulted in water supply of 80 lpcd in Unnao town.

Banking Services in Unnao

HCBL Bank, Unnao

Unnao’s growing business and economic development has led to the establishment of financial intermediaries in the form of public and private sector banks. The different bank branches in the town include those of Allahabad Bank, BOB, Canara Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI and PNB besides others. The various ATMs operating in the town also assist to improve cash liquidity.

Telecom and Broadband Services in Unnao

Unnao possesses fairly good broadband internet connectivity and 3G as well as EVDO mobile broadband services are present. Due to the dearth of companies providing internet services in Unnao consumers don’t enjoy multiple connectivity choices. There are four companies rendering 3G services while EVDO, FTTH & Landline internet services and delivered by BSNL in the town. The provider of wired line internet services within Unnao is Sify Broadband.

Municipal Services in Unnao

The Municipal Corporation of Unnao looks after the maintenance of the city and ensures that the citizens are not subject to any difficulty. The functions of looking after birth and death records, sewage system and cleaning the residential and industrial garbage besides collection of various domestic taxes fall within its ambit. The Corporation is located at Lucknow Road and its complete address is:

Unnao Municipal Corporation
Lucknow Road, Chaudrana
Unnao, Uttar Pradesh 209801
Phone no. 09838108077
Website: nppunnao.in

Packers and Movers in Unnao

To facilitate the shifting of residential, industrial and commercial goods the Packers and Movers offer their quick and efficient services to the people of Unnao. The leading companies employed in these tasks are Agarwal Home Packers and Movers and Royal Cargo Packers & Movers. Unnao Packers Movers is also well-known for delivering professional and satisfactory relocation services at extremely competitive rates.

Creches in Unnao

A crache or daycare is essentially a kid care centre where infants, toddlers and small children are looked after in a secure and stimulating environment. They generally serve the kids of parents who are either fully or partly employed and the idea is fast picking up in the country.

Crèches can be of various types with the home-based type being the most common and they can accommodate between 1-50 children or more. There are many crèches in Unnao and locating the proper one for your child is quite easy. The major among them are Shishu Kalyan Kendra at Mishra Colony while other areas comprise Bijhalamau, Achalganj, Sohramau, Kantha and Kathehru.

Driving License in Unnao

The city of Unnao forms the administrative HQ of district of Unnao, positioned amidst Kanpur and Lucknow. It is famous for leather items along with leather plus tanning industry. With a population of nearly 3,110,595 and spread over 4561 sq km, the commuting needs are extensive and the majority of residents possess their personal vehicles. This makes the carrying of driver’s license mandatory and it is well-worth to be acquainted with the procedure to acquire driver’s license.

The RTO Office of Unnao is located at:

RTO Office
Near Gagan Kheda Chauraha
Nirala Nagar, Unnao – 209801
Uttar Pradesh
Registration Number: UP 35

E Mail:
ARTO: [email protected]
Website: www.uptransport.org

SMART Card Based Driving License Launch in Unnao

Smart Card launch in Unnao

The SMART Card Driving License was floated by UP Chief Minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav on January 9 2013 across the state. The latest DL will feature anti-tamper plastic cards having microprocessor chip planted on it which will contain relevant details about applicants such as name, DOB etc. SARATHI software conceived by NIC is being employed for digitization of applicant’s information and for aiding the RTO to develop database.

Postal and Courier Services in Unnao

The postal services offered in Unnao include Speed Post, IMO, Express parcel post, Business Post and e-post apart from postal savings. Unnao also possesses an efficient network of courier services which facilitates fast and secure transportation of cargo. Some of the prominent courier companies engaged in this task is Blue Dart, DTDC, Madhur Courier, Skylark Express, Overnite Express and Trackon Couriers.

The leading courier services in Unnao are the following:

Blue Dart Courier Service in Unnao

Blue Dart Courier Services
C/O Gupta and Company
C-14, Awas Vikas Colony
Unnao – 209801, Uttar Pradesh
Phone no.: 0515 2831997, 0515 2831239

DTDC Courier Rajdhani Road Unnao
3 402, Yadav Market
Rajdhani Road
Unnao, Uttar Pradesh
Phone no.: 8808229416, 9336844193

DTDC Courier Nagar Palika Market Unnao
Nagar Palika Market
Unnao, Uttar Pradesh
Phone no.: 9839176022

Madhur Courier Services
95, Civil Lines
Near Govt. Library
Kutchery Road
Unnao – 209801, Uttar Pradesh
Phone no.: 022 32503281, 9839857813
Website: www.madhurexpress.net

Ayush Express Service Center
220 Awas Vikash Colony
Lucknow Kanpur Road
Unnao – 209801, Uttar Pradesh (Central)
Phone no.: 9936298301

Skylark Express Couriers
6 Jaganath Ganj
Unnao – 209801, Uttar Pradesh (Central)
Phone no.: 9336147685

Overnite Express Limited
C-3, Awas Vikas Colony
Opposite Vishal Mega Mall
Unnao – 209801, Uttar Pradesh
Phone no.: 09696939230, 09935154755

Trackon Couriers Private Limited
77, Babu Ganj
Unnao Ho
Unnao - 209801, Uttar Pradesh
Phone no.: 0515 2822676, 9335382539

Petrol Pumps in Unnao

Being stranded on the highway with no filling outlets in sight is enough to rattle your wits. But Unnao relieves you of this scare with its villages and city well linked with a system of petrol pumps. Stationed at vital places within the city and some of them operational 24 hours the filling stations are located at Safipur, Hasanganj, and Gandhi Nagar areas. The leading supplier of petrol in Unnao is Hindustan Petroleum.

Shri Kailash Filling Station
Ranipur Grant, Tehsil Safipur
Sandila Road, Bangarmau
Unnao – 241501
Phone no.: 9415058065

Sharda Filling Station
Village Jamaluddinpur
Unnao – 209871
Phone no.: 9415045650

Samrudhi Fuels
Patauli Takia
Bangarmau Lucknow Road
Unnao – 241504
Phone no.: 05152 654753, +919415330551,

Ratan Filling Station
Plot Number- 262
Newai Pargana Jhalotar Ajgain
Unnao - 229841
Phone no.: +919415747635

Radha Krishan Tiwari
Gandhi Nagar
Kanpur Road
Unnao Ho
Unnao – 209801
Phone no.: 0515 2823739, +919415045650

Lakshmi Filling Station
Lauwasinghan Khera
Pargana Maurawan
Unnao – 209825
Uttar Pradesh
Phone no.: +919415006361

Keshav Filling Station
Village Bhaiyakhera
Buxar-Bihar Road
Bhagwant Nagar
Unnao – 209864
Phone no.: +919956444695

Aryavart Petroleum
District – Unnao

HP Centre
Village Pattauli

Mishra Filling Station
Unnao – 825994

Shukla Brothers
Ghaira Bypass
Lucknow-Kanpur Road
Unnao – 823898

Ram Filling Station
12/5, Hardoi Unnao Road
Unnao – 241501
Phone no.: 5144 220031

Gas Agencies in Unnao

The gas connections in Unnao have ushered in kitchen revolution filling numerous households with warmth and happiness by the initiation of clean and productive cooking combustible. It has significantly enhanced the well-being of women, particularly in rural regions by substituting smoky and hazardous chulha. The various companies engaged in providing gas connection in Unnao include Indane, HP and Bharat Gas.

LPG or liquefied petroleum gas is highly eco-efficient and has multiple uses. The gas mixture consists of flammable hydrocarbons and serves as fuel for heating devices and in vehicles. In Unnao it primarily fulfills the cooking needs while the various agencies ensure prompt and hassle-free delivery of cylinders. Besides, with the launch of online booking the process of booking refill has become more convenient in Unnao. You can count on these gas agencies to meet your cooking and domestic needs with their high quality service.

Gas Agency in Unnao

List of Gas Agencies in Unnao

Amit Sumit Indane Gas Service
Unnao Road, Near Bhikampur
Bangarmau, Unnao

Bhaiyaji Gas Service
Ganga Complex, Nawabganj
Main Road, Unnao

Maa Indane Gas Sewa
Bara Chauraha, Near Ravi Motors
Miyaganj, Unnao

Mona Gas Agency
Zauk Nagar, Ganjmuradabad

Shuklaganj Gas Service
Shuklaganj, Unnao

Parwati Indane Gas Service
Bhagwant Nagar, Unnao

Unnao Gas Service
202, Taki Nagar
Opposite Bank of Baroda, Unnao

Siddhi Vinayak Gas Service
Mohan, Unnao
Phone no.: 05143 232144

B N Bharat Gas Service
Achalganj, Harah Road
Phone no.: 0515 2895544, 9794469099
Email: [email protected]

G P Lala Gas Service
Begamganj, Kashmiri Market
Purwa, Unnao
Phone no.: 05142 220654

Hari Bharatgas Service
Narayan Palace, P.D.Nagar
Phone no.: 9415515824
Email: [email protected]

Maruti Gas Service
740, Gandhi Nagar

Shaheed Amar Gas Service Operation
Village Bihar, Unnao
Phone no.: 05142 249005, 9415959954

Shiv Shakti Gas Service
2/597, Raj Marg
Gangaghat (Shuklaganj), Unnao
Phone no.: 0515 2838357, 9935462470
Email: [email protected]

Gaurav Associates – EC
Opposite SBI Main Market, Bangarmau
    Free Listing