Tourist Places in Unnao

Unnao, originally a part of the extensive forest region is now a city with a population of approximately two lakhs. Unnao enjoys a cool climate from November to February and hence most of the tourists visit this city in winter. Earlier, Unnao was an extensive forest and later it was developed into a town and then a city. Due to its actual origin, this city enjoys good number of birds and animals. Along with various species of birds and animals, this city also marks as a holy place for various tourists. Loaded with temples, Unnao is one of the most visited places for the devotees. Here, we share some of the popular tourist places of Unnao. You can visit these places on a weekend if you are nearby Unnao.

Tourist Attractions Unnao

Shiv Temple in Unnao

One of the popular tourist places of Unnao is Shivji ka Mandir or also known as Mahadev Temple. This temple attracts devotes of Lord Mahadev or Lord Shiv. Built about more than hundred years ago, the infrastructure of this temple has unique carvings. The walls of the temples are constructed in a beautiful manner. This temple is located near the Moti Nagar area which is about eight to ten kilometres from Unnao Junction railway station. You can catch a local bus or a rickshaw from the station to visit this temple. It will take about fifteen minutes to reach the temple from the railway station.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary in Unnao

Unnao is rich in natural heritage and wildlife. Nawabganj is one of the most visited bird sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh. This sanctuary is located between the Kanpur-Lucknow highway near Unnao. Nawabganj bird sanctuary is a living place for many of the migratory birds. Some of the rare species of Siberian migratory birds make this sanctuary their home place in winters. If you are lucky enough you can get a glimpse of variety of rare species of birds and few of the animals in this bird sanctuary. Some of the migratory birds like pintail, cotton teal, gadwall, coot, mallard white ibis, different kind of storks are seen in this bird sanctuary in winters.

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Kalyani Devi Temple in Unnao

Another famous temple of Unnao is Kalyani Devi Temple. Dedicated to Lord Kalyani, this temple is visited by many locals from nearby cities as well. Devotees from cities like Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan, Gorakhpur, Kanpur and Lucknow visit this temple regularly to offer their offerings to Goddess Kalyani Devi. Located about only two kilometres away from the Unnao railway station, this temple attracts huge crowd.

Apart from Shiv temple and Kalyani Devi temple, there are other temples which can be visited in Unnao. Some of them include Gayatri Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Shidheshwari Mandir, and Purna Devi Mandir. These temples attract huge number of the local devotees as well the devotees from nearby cities at the times of various festivals. Various poojas and rituals are conducted in these temples as per the festival and the culture. Each of these temples is unique in its own way and one can also have a temple tour of the city or popularly known as yatra of Unnao.
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