Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Nawabganj bird sanctuaryUnnao is located between the major cities of Uttar Pradesh namely Lucknow and Kanpur. This small town was earlier covered with extensive forests. However, in 12th century, a Chauhan Rajput, Godo Singh founded this town. Initially, it was name as Sawai Godo, thereafter this town was conquered by Khande Singh and later Unwant Singh who renamed Sawai Godo as Unnao. Due to its original roots in forests and wildlife this town is a home place for variety of species of birds and animals. Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary which was established in 1984 is spread across in an area of 2.246 sqkm. This Sanctuary is the most visited tourist destination in Unnao.

What to see there

Nawabganj bird sanctuary is a home place of variety of species of birds, especially migratory birds. There are about 1250 species of birds in India which include 300 species of migratory birds. If visited at the right time, one can find about 250 species of migratory birds in this sanctuary. Some of the birds fly more than 5000 kilometers from places like Tibet, China and even Siberia. This bird sanctuary has a huge lake called as ‘Nawabganj Lake’. Most of the migratory birds are seen near this lake. Some of the migratory birds who visit Nawabganj bird sanctuary include pintail, common teal, coot, mallard, brahimini duck, greyloag goose, black ibis, dabchik and many others. Apart from a large variety of migratory birds, you will also find huge number of local birds and animals. Local birds include peacock, bee eater, king crow, dove and many others. Variety of fishes like sindhi, katla saul is also visible here. One can also enjoy the deer park which is situated inside the Nawabganj Sanctuary. Cobra, viper and water snakes are some of the reptiles you will see in the Sanctuary.

Exploring Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Nawabganj bird sanctuary Tourist place in UnnaoIf you are lucky enough, you can get a glimpse of most of the birds here. However, for the convenience of the tourists, two walking trails named as Eastern and Western trails are constructed in this sanctuary. These trails are constructed in a manner wherein most of the species of birds are visible. You can also rest along the benches and platforms constructed along the trails.

How to Reach

The nearest railway station to Nawabganj bird sanctuary is Kausambi which is about two kilometers from this famous sanctuary. Amausi Airport in Lucknow is just thirty kilometers from Nawabganj bird sanctuary. There are regular flights from the main cities of the country to Lucknow.

When to Visit

In order to enjoy the view of the migratory birds from various parts of the world, one should visit Nawabganj bird sanctuary during winter that is from November to February. Most of the migratory birds start arriving in this sanctuary in November. All the migratory birds arrive by the end of November and hence the most variety of species is visible in December and January as the birds again start flying to their homes from February. The temperature here in winter goes as low as 3 degrees. Visiting this Sanctuary in summers is not recommended. The temperature in summers is as high as 45 degrees.
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