Culture of Unnao

Uttar Pradesh ranks among the most primitive cradles of the culture of India, and though nothing akin to Harappa or Mohenjodaro was found within the province, the antiquities unearthed from Banda, Mirzapur plus Meerut connect its history with primitive Stone Age or Harappan period. Chalk or deep red drawings of primeval men have been extensively discovered within Vindhyan ranges in Mirzapur.

Traditional Culture of Unnao

Utensils belonging to that period are also detected from Atranji-Khera and Kaushambi, Rajghat plus Sonkh. Copper items have been discovered from Kanpur, Mathura, Unnao and Mirzapur besides few other districts which all hint at a civilization before the coming of Aryans inside UP. Possibly, the broken pieces between Indus and Vedic cultures lie hidden beneath the remnants of these primitive sites.

Languages Spoken in Unnao

The popular languages of Unnao include Hindi and Urdu besides English. Though standard Hindi or Khari boli forms the official dialect various major regional Hindi accents are spoken across the city like Awadhi, Braj, Bhojpuri and Bundeli as well as Bagheli, apart from different local dialects without any formal name. Urdu acquires its prominence from Lucknow, which was formerly Indo-Persianate culture’s hub throughout north India.

The important religions followed in Unnao comprise Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism and Islam.

Traditional Attire of Unnao

The costumes donned by persons are primarily influenced by geographical factors. Sari forms the chief and most elegant attire amongst women. Other popular dress include salwar suit and lehengas along with shararas and gararas. Kurta-payjamas and dhoti-kurta form the normal dress for men while shirts and trousers gave gained popularity of late.

Fairs in Unnao

UP holds over 2,250 fairs with the biggest number being held at Mathura. Solar & lunar eclipses constitute notable days for bathing while Kumbha Melas take place at Allahabad & Hardwar after a cycle of 12 years.

15 days following Diwali, on the occasion of Kartika Purnima, people throng river banks to bathe for cleansing at the fairs. The prominent fairs occur at Bijnor, Moradabad and Budaun, Garhmukteshwar, Bareilly and Unnao at Ganga Ghat besides Kanpur, Ayodha and Varanasi which attract crowds between 1 to 4 lakhs.

Theaters in Unnao

The major theater in Unnao is Saraswati Talkies, located on Lucknow-Kanpur Road, Shukla Ganj. Likewise among Handicrafts Sultan Handloom is prominent, situated near Chota Chauraha on Sunder Cinema Road.

Nirala Auditorium ranks among Unnao’s sole auditorium which can host 540 persons along with USDA Office.

Mridula Sinha is a renowned art personality accredited with solo shows at Green Wood Art Gallery, New Delhi and Taj Art Gallery at Mumbai besides Triveni Kala Sangam at New Delhi. She has also participated in International Art Exhibition like those organized by South Korea and Kathmandu apart from those at N.C.Z.C.C. Nagpur & Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi at Jaipur besides Symroza Art Gallery in Mumbai and AIFACS at New Delhi. As regards State Level Art Exhibitions leading ones include Annual and Women Artist of U.P, Exhibition conducted by State Lalit Kala Akademi U.P, J&K and Bihar. She has also graced Art Camp at Unnao and Almora, administered by State Lalit Kala Akademi U.P.
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